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Na Pali part I – Hawaiian cliffs, doplhins and barking sands

In the area of the green Hawaiian island of Kaua’i you can find a hidden treasure – Nā Pali Coast State Park. The name Nā Pali in Hawaiian means in cliffs, so you can figure out what is the main its attraction. The 17-mile cliff coast stretches from Ke’e Beach to Polihale Beach. Nā Pali cliffs are reportedly among the highest in the world and reach more than 1000 meters above the turquoise waters of the Pacific. They have been shaped over the centuries through erosion activities, like many caves along the coast. Nā

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Hawaii – four islands and some beaches…

I must admit that I have a problem with spending leisure time at the beach. I cannot do it and I treat beaches as a part of a sightseeing plan. I can spend 2 hours maximally at one beach.  Of course, I don’t spend this time on sunbathing. Hawaii turned out to be a perfect place for me. There’re a lot of beaches which can be explored 😉 and what’s more important they varied a lot! Every of four islands, which I’ve visited has something new to offer. O’ahu O’ahu it’s the most popular

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Waimea – the Great Canion of Pacific

My love for the mountains has started since the moment I made the first step. Every holiday I used to spend with my father traversing mountain trails. These vacations were so much so that monothematic that in fact I went to the seaside at the age of 14. To some extent these experiences have formed my stubborn character. They also helped me to distance myself from some bad experiences which are sometimes beyond control. Mountains hide incredible mystery, beauty combined with nature unsteadiness, admiration co-occurring with thrill and what’s the most important: climbing effort

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