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Jordanian cuisine

Jordanian cuisine belongs to Levantine cuisine which is characteristic to countries like: Lebanon, Palestine and Syria. In addition, Turkish influences can be seen in the traditional way of preparing Jordanian dishes. In a word Jordan is an interesting place on the culinary map of the world! Traditional breakfast is very nutritious and consists mainly of hummus (chickpea paste with lemon and garlic), excellent white cheese of cream consistency, called labaneh, ful madames – paste made from fava bean with cumin, chili and lemon, as well as eggs and excellent halva. What’s more interesting,  no

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Girl on a Trail – Jordan Seven Wonders

Since recently, Ryanair has launched a new connection from Warsaw and Cracow to the capital of Jordan – Amman. Tickets can be bought at a very low price. Especially in winter, this is an interesting proposal for a weekend or even a longer trip. Just in less than 4 hours, you can find yourself in a warm, exotic country, characterised by an amazing story, excellent cuisine and wonderful countryside. First stop – Amman In Amman, one can feel the specific atmosphere of the Middle East. Bright, high – desity housing, seems to grow straight

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Jordan – how to organise a trip?

Purchase budget flight tickets is just the beginning of the iceberg. Browsing the Internet to find relevant tips is time consuming and sometimes really boring thing. That’s why I’ve decided to write this post to collect all the most important infomation related to travel to Jordan. Visa and Jordan pass Flights to Jordan can be really cheap, especially from Poland or Germany, while on the spot you have to buy a visa that costs quite a lot because 40 JOD which is about 50€. The best solution is to buy Jordan Pass, which costs

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