• Na Pali
    Hawaii,  Hawaii,  Kauai,  Polynesia,  USA

    Na Pali from the air – a story of two flights

    How did it happen that I landed on board of a helicopter to watch the wonderful Na Pali cliffs, actually on board of two helicopters? The larger part of the Hawaiian island of Kaua’i is not available from land due to inaccessible mountains. That’s why a helicopter trip is the best option to see the whole island. When you look at photos from Hawaii, you can get the impression that there’s always a great sunny weather. However, the location of the archipelago in the middle of the ocean and the mountainous terrain make a specific climate that is characterised by high rainfall and moderate temperatures. A large amount of precipitation…

  • hawaje - big island
    Hawaii,  Hawaii,  North America,  Polynesia,  USA

    Hawaii – Big Island is getting bigger and bigger…

    When I landed at the Kailua Kona airport, located in Hawaiian Big Island, I felt like being a part of Apollo mission. I was surprised that after only 40-minute flight I saw totally different reality. Sandy beaches from O’ahu Island were replaced by rocks and black sand. Lushy, verdant Hawaiian vegetation gave place to the apocalyptic, volcanic landscape which seemed to have no end. The culprit of this is Kilauea – one of the most active volcanoes on earth. At first sight it looks inconspicuously because on the contrary to other volcanoes it has a flat, wide cone and its eruption isn’t vertical. Kilauea’s eruption goes through two rift valleys.…

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