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    Spain – fall in love with Santander!

    Spain is a popular holidays direction. Sunny weather, monuments and wonderful beaches attract a lot of tourist every year. But why wait for a vacation when you can go there in winter break? It was December, when I received flight tickets confirmation to Santader.  Then I realized what actually I had done.In fact, return ticket cost less than 20 €, but the idea of a trip in mid-February was completely devoid of common sense. Beautifully located Santander – the capital of Cantabria is characterised by a mild and humid climate and there’re more rainy days compared to the south of Spain. For this reason, it is not a popular tourist…

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    Spain – the Basque Country

    The Basque Country connotes with the separatist aspirations and ETA activity. As a matter of fact, ETA announced a definite ceasefire in 2011 but only recently, because in 2017, they surrendered an armed arsenal which was in their possession. In the memory of many people, there are still “spectacular” ETA actions, like the bombing of a car with Spanish Prime Minister Luis Carrero Blanco inside. The power of the explosion was so strong that the Prime Minister’s car flew over the roof of the nearby building and landed on the other side of it.  Another terrorist attacks were in 2002 in Seville during the EU summit and in 2006 on…

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