• Poland,  Urbex

    Locomotive depot – Girl off the trail

    The locomotive depot was built in the 19th century during Prussian occupation. Its design was innovative on a European scale at that time and was used to build similar facilities in Berlin and Magdeburg. The locomotive shed was used for the maintenance of steam locomotives. Renovation works were carried out there. In the central part you can see a turntable that allowed locomotives to be moved to the repair hall. There are inspection channels on the sides. The specific atmosphere is created by the characteristic dome, with a vent for removing steam and smoke in the middle. Only minor repairs were carried out in the locomotive shed, using parts supplied…

  • Urbex

    Abandoned Cinema

    The abandoned cinema used to be an important cultural and entertainment centre of the city, but today it’s falling into ruin. The building was built between 1924 and 1929. Initially, it was intended to serve as a fire brigade facility. There was a fire station along with a practice room for the orchestra. However, right after its construction, the facility was leased and operated as a cinema until World War II. At that time, theatre performances and special events were also organized there. During the war, it was taken over by the Germans and returned to the fire brigade in 1946. In the 1980s, the building was closed due to…

  • Elektrownia

    Power Plant – a post-industrial palace, Girl off a Trail

    The power plant was built after World War I. The facility was designed in a modernist style by Georg and Emil Zillmann, architects of two workers’ housing estates in Katowice: Giszowiec and Nikiszowiec. The complex consists of three chimneys, the highest of which reaches as much as 120 meters. Another characteristic element is the clock tower with a four-sided clock. The dial of each clock has a diameter of 5 meters and each hand weighs approximately 100 kilograms. Apparently it is the second largest tower clock in Poland. Initially, the plant was designed as a gunpowder factory, the massive walls and a light roof, were intended to reduce the shock…

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