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    Ziemia Klodzka – the most interesting places to visit

    Ziemia Klodzka is an incredibly interesting region of Poland, where everyone will find something for themselves. There is no shortage of interesting mountain trails and fancy rock formations. Numerous spas guarantee excellent relaxation. On the other hand, the Sanctuary in Wambierzyce, also called Silesian Jerusalem, is the main point of pilgrimage. ZLOTY STOK – A GOLD MINE It’s best to start visiting Ziemia Klodzka with the Zloty Stok Mine, located right next to road no. 46 leading towards Klodzko. Supposedly on 21 levels of the mine, more than 300 km of pavement, drifts and shafts were hollowed. During around 700 years of operation, 16 tons of pure gold were excavated…

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    Ciechocinek – famous Polish spa

    Personally, Ciechocinek, until recently, seemed to be the place straight from the famous film “Back to the future”, but with one exception, to the communist past. Specific architecture, old clinics, pools are the typical things from the past times. This famous spa is about 200 km from Warsaw, so I decided to take a short trip to confront my ideas with reality. The vast majority of tourists are patients who have come here for treatment. Ciechocinek has a large reservoir of brine used in the nervous, circulatory or respiratory diseases treatment. The origin of the brine dates back to the 13th century. When Poland was under the occupation and the…

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