• England,  Europe

    England – Bristol

    It was the beginning of November, I looked out of the window, it was cold, grey and gloomy day, so I decided to go somewhere. I started visualizing palm trees, sun and warm sea. I had to get out of here even, just for the weekend. After desperate search for any escape route, I booked the tickets to… Bristol. I can’t say that it was a question of conscious choice, because who in their normal minds is going to England in the middle of winter?! I can call it a momentary impulse, caused by a  low price of the tickets… a month later, laughing at myself, I went to the…

  • Poland,  Warsaw

    Warsaw – 1,2,3… bungee

    Have yoy ever tried bungee jamping? I guess everyone has had a falling dream even once. I’m not superstitious and I don’t believe in dream interpretations but reportedly it connects with an anxiety of losing control over a particular aspect of  life. Fortunately I’m unfamiliar with such dilemmas but on the other hand lack of control of situation makes our life diversified and fascinating. Once in a while I realize that I need something new, unusual which will stick in my mind forever. Although I don’t like such dreams I’ve decided to try it in practice. The main difference between bungee jumping and falling dream is that the anxiety transforms…

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