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    Warsaw’s bazaars – the capital lives here

    What comes to your mind when thinking about Warsaw? For sure not bazaars… Most people would say that the Palace of Culture and Science, skyscrapers and fancy boutiques in the city centre. There’s no doubt the center of Warsaw is completely different from the rest of the city. As a matter of fact each capital’s district represents its own ” homey ” climate. In Warsaw’s life, for years, bazaars have played a major role. Not only have they been a place of trade but also an important meeting spot. It’s true that I’m a little late with this post, as it lacks the “pearl” of Warsaw markets – the European…

  • Poland,  Warsaw

    Warsaw – 1,2,3… bungee

    Have yoy ever tried bungee jamping? I guess everyone has had a falling dream even once. I’m not superstitious and I don’t believe in dream interpretations but reportedly it connects with an anxiety of losing control over a particular aspect of  life. Fortunately I’m unfamiliar with such dilemmas but on the other hand lack of control of situation makes our life diversified and fascinating. Once in a while I realize that I need something new, unusual which will stick in my mind forever. Although I don’t like such dreams I’ve decided to try it in practice. The main difference between bungee jumping and falling dream is that the anxiety transforms…

  • Warszawa
    Poland,  Warsaw

    Artistic Warsaw – murals

    Warsaw keeps surprising me everyday. It’s nice to see how it transforms into modern metropolis which in my humble opininion can compete with other famous European capitals. This modernity relies not only on urban infrastructure development but also on public space diversification. Street art is one of these components which create city atmosphere. Interesting murals can be found in various places in Warsaw such as gates or walls. What’s more, they aren’t only art for art’s sake but also they present an alternative and interesting way of depicting Warsaw history and people who lived here. The best way to see this uniqe pices of art is a bike tour, just take…

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