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Gril on a Trail – Antwerp, the diamond capital…

It’s really hard to say how many times I’ve been in Belgium and how many times I’ve slept at the Charleroi Airport. For a long time, I regularly used Ryanair’s cheap flights, combined with the discount tickets offered by Flibco (more information here). That’s why, I’ve visited many places in the so called Benelux countries and even in France. After visiting Dutch Rotterdam – the largest port in Europe, I thought it was time to see Belgian Antwerp. I have to admit that my knowledge of this city was limited to the information that

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Belgium, Luxembourg, France – incredible cheap traveling

Is it possible to organize a cheap city – break to the countries like: Luxembourg, Belgium or France? Certainly! Take a look how to organize it! Low transport cost Western Europe is famous for a very good railway system but on the other hand it can be very expensive. What we should do to minimize this price?   We recommend to use bus transport, more precisely Flibco! Tickets for this bus are sold on the basis: first come, first served. The prices start from 5 euro. Travelling with Flibco can be described as a

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Beautiful Belgian „Venice” in the shade of Bruges

We visited Ghent on the way from Antwerp to Bruges. Once again, reality proved us that it’s worth relying on gut instinct and going off the beaten track.   Unfortunately Ghent is in the shade of touristic Bruges, but in our humble opinion its architecture and monuments are beautiful as well. What is more, the atmosphere of the typical Belgian city which stuck in a time warp , makes Ghent unique. Everything the best in Europe you can find here! Beautifully cobbled lanes, surrounded by decorated townhouses, picturesque canals or castles which hide interesting

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