• Ukraine

    Sweet Lviv and the best coffee on sand!

    During organizing a trip to Lviv, it didn’t run through my mind that it’s the land of milk and coffee. We used to connect Ukraine mainly with cheap alcohol, cigarettes and halva made of sunflower seeds.  By the way, it wasn’t only our image. We saw it on our way back to Poland. When we heard one big noise of bottles at the bus station, we knew that this journey would be very hard. In a fact, the reality turned out to be worse. During more than 6-hour customs inspection which was ended in pushing the bus (battery had gone flat) I was thinking why in the depths of 54…

  • Recipes

    Recipe – How to prepare Vietnamese coffee?

    To prepare Vietnamese coffee, you need special coffee maker called Phin, but you can also use coffee filter. Phin is a very simple device. It consists of a jug where coffee is placed, lower land upper lid. We also need Vietnamese coffee and sweet condensed milk. Fill the cup with small amount of milk. Warm the phin up in hot water. Then add 4 teaspoonfuls of coffee.  Coffee should be very strong so this amount is for one cup. Next screw the lower lid. Pour boiling water but only to the lower lid. When coffee soaks, add the rest water and put upper lid on it. Coffee percolates form 3 to 5 minutes.…

  • Vietnam

    Vietnam – paradise for coffee connoisseurs

    Coffee is mainly associated with countries like Brazil Or Columbia but in fact Vietnam is the second largest producer of coffee in the world. Being a hopeless case of coffee drinker I could write about Vietnamese coffee endlessly. It’s a very thick and aromatic beverage with inimitable taste which combines a little coffee bitter taste and the sweetness of caramel and chocolate.  But it’s not the end… The process of roasting is unique. Sweet, chocolate taste is the result of adding butter or vegetable oil. Beans roasted in this way have a little bit greasy, glistening texture with intensive brown color. Taste can be intensified by adding sugar, vanilla or…

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