• Urbex

    Abandoned Cinema

    The abandoned cinema used to be an important cultural and entertainment centre of the city, but today it’s falling into ruin. The building was built between 1924 and 1929. Initially, it was intended to serve as a fire brigade facility. There was a fire station along with a practice room for the orchestra. However, right after its construction, the facility was leased and operated as a cinema until World War II. At that time, theatre performances and special events were also organized there. During the war, it was taken over by the Germans and returned to the fire brigade in 1946. In the 1980s, the building was closed due to…

  • Sztokholm
    Europe,  Sweden

    One day in Stockholm

    I spent one day in Stockholm and it was certainly not enough to see everything that the capital of Sweden has to offer. Actually, the reason I was there was my birthday, which I simply wanted to spend traditionally, traveling 😊 I didn’t care about a long trip and I was considering a budget option. Stockholm doesn’t seem to be cheap destination, but for me it turned out to be the cheapest option. However, the cheapest does not mean the most convenient. To save on expensive accommodation, I went to Gdańsk. There, after a short evening walk around the Old Town, I went to the airport for the night. Next…

  • Albania
    Albania,  Europe

    Albania – north direction

    Albania has recently become a popular destination. There’re many reasons: beautiful beaches, interesting monuments, good food and even better prices. During my 10-day stay, I managed to visit a large part of this country. I must admit that Albania has enormous potential, which the country seems to have not fully exploited. There is no investment in tourist infrastructure and no waste management. Rubbish seems to be an inherent element of the Albanian landscape. However, the main problem for me was the dramatic condition of the roads, which significantly limited the number of places I could see in such a short time. Despite everything, I believe that Albania is a country…

  • Cypr
    Cyprus,  Europe

    Cyprus – the most interesting attractions on the island

    I didn’t plan to travel to Cyprus last year. I did it on the spur of the moment. I saw cheap tickets for the beginning of November, when I have my birthday, and I thought to myself: why not leaving everything behind and celebrate it there? I had just 5 days to see the island so the best solution was to rent a  car. It wasn’t the economical way because I didn’t have anybody to share the costs with, however, I rationalized this expense as a birthday gift. The second obvious solution to visit the whole island in such a short time was getting up at unsocial hours, this was…

  • Europe,  Moldova

    Moldova, a walk around Chisinau

    A walk around Chisinau leaves no illusions. Moldova is one of the poorest countries in Europe and can be seen at first glance. Destroyed buildings and broken sidewalks can be seen when you deviate from the main street. Representative streets, on the other hand, reminds  the former glory days. Built with a typical Soviet grandeur, now they look quite grotesque and ask for at least some facelift. However, such a charm of Chisinau, I personally liked this city very much. Some buildings are slowly being brought back to life, such as the State Circus. Shortly after opening in 1981, it was the largest facility of this type in Moldova, equipped…

  • słowacja
    Europe,  Slovakia

    Slovakia, a spontaneous trip – Girl on an unexpected trail!

    My trip to Slovakia was quite spontaneous. When it turned out that I had completed the entire itinerary to Pieniny, I decided to see nearby attractions in Slovakia. In fact, when I was going to Slovakia, I planned a short trip to Red Monastery and Lubownia Castle. It was the last day of my stay in Pieniny, I didn’t have time to organize a trip. I decided to take a risk and went there without the required car equipment. I actually didn’t have a warning triangle, spare fuses and bulbs set, tow rope. Having on mind the rules in Slovakia, the trip could have cost me a lot of money.…

  • kijow
    Europe,  Ukraine

    Kiev – 13 reasons to visit the capital city of Ukraine

    I visited Kiev this year on my way to Chernobyl. I admit that I didn’t expect to see “fireworks” on the spot. I don’t know, maybe it was a matter of my attitude, but for sure I didn’t fall in love like in Lviv. Even though it’s really worth seeing this city due to an interesting mix of past and modern times. In total, I counted thirteen reasons why the capital of Ukraine deserves tourists’ attention. Mother Motherland Statue It’s a huge monument, more than 100 meters high, standing on one of the Kiev hills. It’s one of the largest structures of this type in the world. It is even…

  • Cinque Terre
    Europe,  Italy

    Cinque Terre – the five lands

    Cinque Terre which can be seen in many photos or folders advertising tourism in Italy might seem to be just the one picturesque village. Meanwhile, the name Cinque Terre means “the five lands” and is used to describe five fairy-tale towns, situated on the high cliffs by the Mediterranean Sea. These include: Riomaggiore, Manarola, Corniglia, Vernazza and Monterosso. Each of them has amazing views and pastel-coloured buildings. In fact, this place gained popularity only in the 70s of the 20th century. Before that, Cinque Terre had been a place difficult to access. Only the construction of the railway connecting all five towns contributed to the significant development of tourism in…

  • Europe,  Ukraine

    Visit Chernobyl… before it fades

    Chernobyl, the name of this city to this day gives a lot of people the creeps, although many years have passed since the catastrophe. It took place on the night of April 25-26 in 1986 as a result of the nuclear reactor accident of the power unit no. 4. It’s one of the biggest disasters in the history of nuclear energy. A huge area was contaminated in Belarus and Ukraine, many people were forcibly displaced, a large part of the area was closed, and the radioactive cloud spread throughout Europe. How does this place look like now, 35 years after the catastrophe? This question has been bothering me for a…

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