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    Girl on a Trail: Luxembourg – Vianden

    [huge_it_maps id=”1″] Luxembourg is the only grand duchy in the world. Grand duchy is a state which head is a monarch who bears the title of a great prince, who rules independently. Despite a rather small area, of just over 2500 sq. meters, there are numerous beautiful castles. Undoubtedly the most popular and the most beautiful is Vianden castle. It’s located in the north-eastern part of Luxembourg, close to the border with Germany. To get there you can take a train to the village Ettelbruck and then switch to bus 570 towards Vianden/ Breck. Vianden is located just 55 km away from the capital of Luxembourg and it takes less…

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    Luxembourg – the fabulous or financial Dutchy?

    It’s very hard to determine if Luxembourg is the fabulous or financial Dutchy. It’s one of the smallest and the wealthiest countries in the world. There’re more than 150 banks and numerous EU institutions and international corporations.  What’s more, the unemployment rate and taxes are the lowest in EU, in one word – real idyll. According to European Statistical Office, the minimal wage there is twice bigger than average wage in Poland! It’s no wonder that, at least half of the residents of this country are immigrants. A lot of people from France, Belgium and Germany commute to work here, every day. It’s visible that there’s a specific official atmosphere.…

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    Belgium, Luxembourg, France – incredible cheap traveling

    Is it possible to organize a cheap city – break to the countries like: Luxembourg, Belgium or France? Certainly! Take a look how to organize it! Low transport cost Western Europe is famous for a very good railway system but on the other hand it can be very expensive. What we should do to minimize this price?   We recommend to use bus transport, more precisely Flibco! Tickets for this bus are sold on the basis: first come, first served. The prices start from 5 euro. Travelling with Flibco can be described as a VIP transport. Usually we had the whole bus only for us! These buses are very comfortable but sometimes…

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