• izmailovo kremlin
    Asia,  Russia

    Izmailovo Kremlin – welcome to the Moscow fairytale!

    Tourists getting off on the metro station have no doubt which way leads the Kremlin. In the distance they can see colorful palaces and gold turrets. However, something does not fit in this image, there’s no Red Square or St. Basil’s Cathedral. Moscow has a lot of secrets and can really surprise. I won’t hide that I previously believed in an erroneous idea that the Kremlin is one of a kind. The spell was broken  when I discovered there were so many more! This word was once used to decribe fortifications, so it’s highly probable that there‘re quite a few Kremlins in Russia 😉 However, the Kremlin at metro station…

  • Asia,  Russia

    Moscow metro – welcome to royal chambers!

    I didn’t take me long  to decide what my first post from the trip to Moscow would be about. Of course I heard a lot about the Moscow metro before visiting it, but you need to see this place to believe! 😉 Some facts The entire system consists of 12 lines, with a length of more than 300 kilometres and includes more than 200 stations. Some stations are transfer points even for 3 or 4 lines. What’s more, the metro is constantly under construction. Currently the extensive second ring line is underway. Some stations are so deep that the connections between them can consume a lot of  time, especially during…

  • Wieden

    Vienna – the architectural city of dreams

    Vienna is called „the city of dreams” in view of the Sigmund Freud who created here the essentials of the psychoanalysis. But in a fact, Vienna is the city of dreams for the architecture lovers. Palaces, beautiful gardens, cathedrals or theaters, which can be seen everywhere, resemble the times of the former empire. Tourists are mesmerized by amazing Viennese palaces. One of the most popular is the Schönbrunn Palace, which surprises by its intensive yellow color. It’s surrounded by an enormous French garden with colorful flowers and beautifully decorated fountain. From the hill, which is located above the palace, you can admire a beautiful Vienna panorama. What’s more interesting, six-year…

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