• Bangkok

    Thai cuisine part II

    First meeting with Thai cuisine can be very shocking especially for foreign tourist. As a matter of fact, Bangkok streets are a one big canteen but this doesn’t mean that this city smells tastefully.    The number of food stalls is comparable to cars on Bangkok streets. As a result beautiful aroma of Thai dishes with predominating fresh smell of lemongrass is mixed with exhaust fumes. In a word, our ideal picture of aromatic Thai cuisine came to grief just after getting off crowded metro. But this aroma is a quintessence of Bangkok and similarly to it, one can love it or hate it. It doesn’t mean that we worn…

  • Thailand

    Thai cuisine part I

    Cuisine is an inseparable element which characterizes the culture of the country. Nowhere else it isn’t as visible as in Thailand. The way of eating and preparing dishes reflects Thais customs and history. A lot of books and TV shows about Thai cuisine were created but none even the best recipe won’t taste the same as those courses which are prepared hastily on improvisational stalls on Bangkok streets. Street vendors specialize in few dishes so that the teste of Pad Thai prepared by elder Thai is comparable to the experience on grandma’s dinner. Four tastes: sweet, sour, salty and spicy are the base of every Thai dish. It’s impossible to…

  • zupa dyniowa/pumpkin soup

    Thai pumpkin in a coconut

    Ingredients: – medium pumpkin – can of coconut milk – lemon grass – 3 dried kaffir lime leaves – broth – medium onion – 3 garlic cloves – dried galangal or grated ginger (thumb-size piece) – 3-4 tablespoons of fish sauce or oyster sauce (I used oyster sauce) – 1 teaspoon of brown sugar – optional – lime juice, puff crouton, fresh basil or coriander leaves (for garnish) Grinded Spices: 1 teaspoon of: Cayenne pepper (you can add more), turmeric, coriander, cumin, sweet pepper Preparing: – chop pumpkin into small cubes, – fry finely chopped onion with brown sugar, – add pressed garlic and fry for a while (avoid burning it…

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