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Hawaii – Big Island is getting bigger and bigger…

When I landed at the Kailua Kona airport, located in Hawaiian Big Island, I felt like being a part of Apollo mission. I was surprised that after only 40-minute flight I saw totally different reality. Sandy beaches from O’ahu Island were replaced by rocks and black sand. Lushy, verdant Hawaiian vegetation gave place to the apocalyptic, volcanic landscape which seemed to have no end. The culprit of this is Kilauea – one of the most active volcanoes on earth. At first sight it looks inconspicuously because on the contrary to other volcanoes it has

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Hawaii – four islands and some beaches…

I must admit that I have a problem with spending leisure time at the beach. I cannot do it and I treat beaches as a part of a sightseeing plan. I can spend 2 hours maximally at one beach.  Of course, I don’t spend this time on sunbathing. Hawaii turned out to be a perfect place for me. There’re a lot of beaches which can be explored 😉 and what’s more important they varied a lot! Every of four islands, which I’ve visited has something new to offer. O’ahu O’ahu it’s the most popular

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Mauna Kea – invisible Hawaiian cows, avalanches and a lot of more…

This time, I won’t write on gorgeous Hawaiian beaches, turquoise Pacific, colorful underwater coral reef world, high cliffs, tropical rainforests or spectacular waterfalls. It’s time for bitter cold of Hawaiian tundra and inhospitable polar climate. Only on Hawaii, more precisely on Big Island is possible to swim in the warm ocean in the morning and go snowboarding in the evening. This island has 11 different climate zones. What’s more, the highest mountain in the world, to be exact extinct volcano – Mauna Kea is located here. Mauna Kea with the height of 33 000

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