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Kehlsteinhaus, Germany – a visit to the Eagle’s Nest

Kehlsteinhaus or the teahouse on Kehlstein  – it’s a legend itself.  Beautiful Alpine views clashes with the difficult history of the World War II. The teahouse is widely known by another name, which speaks more to the imagination. It’s famous Hitler’s  Eagle’s Nest. The teahouse was built on the initiative of Martin Bormann as a gift from NSDAP for Hitler’s 50th birthday. The best architects and engineers in the Third Reich were involved in the construction of the Kehlsteinhaus. This project cost over 30 million Reichmarks, which is currently worth around  150 million €!

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Hamburg – port of call

Calling at a port I like port cities very much, they’re so called the “Windows to the world”. Usually they’re very varied and unusual. So after Rotterdam and Antwerp, I decided to go for a trip to Hamburg. The port in Hamburg, just after Rotterdam, is the second largest in Europe and its history goes back to over 800 years. To see it you can buy a special cruise for € 20 or use public transport. The shuttle no. 62 goes from the Landugsbrucken to Finkenwerder. The ferry costs 3 € but welcome drink

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