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    One day in Stockholm

    I spent one day in Stockholm and it was certainly not enough to see everything that the capital of Sweden has to offer. Actually, the reason I was there was my birthday, which I simply wanted to spend traditionally, traveling ? I didn’t care about a long trip and I was considering a budget option. Stockholm doesn’t seem to be cheap destination, but for me it turned out to be the cheapest option. However, the cheapest does not mean the most convenient. To save on expensive accommodation, I went to Gdańsk. There, after a short evening walk around the Old Town, I went to the airport for the night. Next…

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    Malmö – very subjective narrative

    We visited Malmö on the way from Copenhagen to Poland. We spent all day on sightseeing this city, and even we managed to go to Jakriborg (here is the post about this unique city). I’ve mixed feelings about this city. Usually, I try to assess objectively places which I visit and find differences which create a unique atmosphere. I do want to say that Malmö is an interesting city. Unfortunately, by and large it isn’t.  Naturally I would be very unfair, presenting this city as a “tourist nightmare”. Generally you can find here some interesting, historic places, which I show you in this post. But overall impression is similar to…

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    Gothenburg – cheap trip

    The idea of going to Gothenburg appeared spontaneously, actually, as it usually happens it was connected with big promotion in Ryanair. Having the alternative between spending Valentine’s Day at home or going to Gothenburg for only 4 €, our choice was obvious. Of course, there’s one catch when you buy such cheap tickets. Usually it turns out that on the spot, especially in Sweden, prices aren’t promotional. In such situations, common sense tells us to resign, that the idea of spending romantic Valentines in the middle of winter in Sweden is ridiculous ant it’s only a matter of losing 4 €. Fortunately we’re neither rational nor romantic 😉   So,…

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    9 and a half reason to visit Gothenburg

    Islands, islets and red houses So the Southern Archipelago in the flesh. Hop on a ferry and admire a typical Swedish countryside. Islands like: Asperö, Donsö, Styrsö, Vrangö and Brännö, surprise by their gaunt landscape as well as typical Swedish wooden red  buildings. It doesn’t matter which direction you choose, the last letter ö  in the name is essential 😉 2. Take a walk along the dock It’s worth taking a short walk along the dock, where you can visit floating museum. 3. Have a rest in the shade of palms Palm House, located in the strict city center is a cultish meeting place. Certainly there’re a lot of reasons why, but…

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    How much does 6-day trip to Denmark and Sweden cost?

    Is it possible to organize 6- day trip to Denmark and Sweden on budget? In a fact the cost is a relative concept, what’s  cheap for some for others is beyond reach. During our trip to these countries we tried to reduce the costs of transport and accommodation maximally. On the other hand it doesn’t mean that we lived there as hermits. We  stayed in an apartment located in the city center, visited everything what had been planned, used public transport and tasted very good food.  Was it cheap or expensive? Take a look and assess 🙂 Our trip was a little bit complicated because we wanted to visit Denmark…

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    Jakriborg – medieval ghost town

    Halfway between Malmo and Lund, somewhere in the middle of Sweden fields, there’s a sleepy town surrounded by a red rampart. After passing the gate which is the element of fortifications, one can see another, medieval reality. Pastel townhouses with soaring roofs, decorated with colorful windows and doors, winding along cobblestoned lanes, look fabulous. The town seems to be abandoned. There’s no residents or playing children, let alone tourists. In front of the house are bikes, on playgrounds you can see barbecues or even toys so someone must live here. There’s an absolute silence, you cannot hear even fast trains passing through nearby Hjärup station. Walk along the old town…

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