• Neuschwanstein
    Europe,  Germany

    Germany, Bavaria – Neuschwanstein Castle

    Neuschwanstein Castle is probably the most famous building in the world, especially in the age group from 2 to 5 years old. Presented in the intro to Disney fairy tales, it ignites everyone’s imagination. The Castle was an inspiration for Walt Disney to create Cinderella’s  Castle in the Magic Kingdom. Not very subtle name – Neuschwatein, does not reflect its fairytale look, hence it is often called Disney Castle – then everyone knows what we are talking about 😉 The Castle is located on a high hill surrounded by the Bavarian Alps and resembles the old fortress. However, appearances can be deceiving, because its construction began in 1869, at the…

  • sintra
    Europe,  Portugal

    Portugal – fabulous Sintra

    Less than 30 kilometres from Lisbon, far behind the seven mountains, and seven woods, there’s a fairytale realm – Sintra. Colorful palaces, mysterious gardens, underground mazes and high fortifications, are just a part of the reasons why Sintra deserves to be called Disneyland for adults! Sintra is one of the oldest cities in Portugal that magically takes visitors back to past times. The Moors’ Castle The first point of my trip was the Moors’ Castle, located high on the one of the Sintra hills. It was a cool April morning when I got off from the bus line 434, just in front of the entrance to the complex. To my…

  • bialorus
    Belarus,  Europe

    Belarus – 10 reasons why you should visit this country!

    I’d been planning to visit Belarus for a very long time. Even though this country is located very close to Warsaw, it always seemed to me very distant. Before visiting it I heard many warnings about corruption, negative attitude to Poles or problems with crossing the border. How did it really look like? Check out 10 reasons why it’s worth visiting  Belarus! 1. The Stalin Line Just 35 km from Minsk, there’s s a place where time has stopped. Bunkers, underground tunnels, trenches, weapons warehouses, command stations and large exhibition of military equipment, literally takes one back to the WWII times.  This is the largest military museum in Belarus. It’s…

  • vianden
    Europe,  Luxembourg

    Girl on a Trail: Luxembourg – Vianden

    [huge_it_maps id=”1″] Luxembourg is the only grand duchy in the world. Grand duchy is a state which head is a monarch who bears the title of a great prince, who rules independently. Despite a rather small area, of just over 2500 sq. meters, there are numerous beautiful castles. Undoubtedly the most popular and the most beautiful is Vianden castle. It’s located in the north-eastern part of Luxembourg, close to the border with Germany. To get there you can take a train to the village Ettelbruck and then switch to bus 570 towards Vianden/ Breck. Vianden is located just 55 km away from the capital of Luxembourg and it takes less…

  • Europe

    The sky is not that far… Switzerland – Interlaken and the surroundings

    Violet cows with bells, pastoral landscape of  the mountain meadows with thoroughly mown grass and white peaks of the Alps in the background, that’s the picture of the commercial… no of Switzerland – Interlaken, maybe except the colorful cows. Exactly on the 3rd of January 2 years ago, I was bored waiting for delayed, by drifting snow, flight back from Riga to Warsaw. I was looking over the offers of airlines when suddenly I saw discount tickets to Basel. A better beginning of the year I couldn’t have imagined. Switzerland can be divided into the northern part which consists of beautiful and charming cities like: Basel, Stein am Rhein, Zurich…

  • Troki

    Trakai and misterious Karaites

    Trakai is a picturesque town, located among lakes and forests. It’s a former royal city, which takes back to the times of Grand Duchy of Lithuania. One of the main tourist attractions is a castle, situated in the one of the islands of Galwie lake. It was erected at the end of 14th century by Grand Duke of Lithuania – Vytauas the Great in order to protect the city against Teutonic Order. The way to the castle leads through two bridges and another little islet, where you can admire beautiful landscape of the lake and the nearby town. Besides the castle, Trakai is a popular tourist attraction because here you…

  • Nowe Miasto nad Metują
    Czech Republic

    Nové Město nad Metují – between the bliss and hell

    Nové Město nad Metují is located in the Czech Republic, around 7 miles from Polish border. However, believe me that a trip there is definitely not a piece of cake. First stop – the town Náchod, famous for perfectly equipped shops. Staple goods like very good beer and better beer abound in this town, so for some a trip to Czech Republic, not only starts there but also unexpectedly ends. Those who miraculously manage to go past this town, have another problem. The way to Nové Město nad Metují, goes between the big lake – Bliss and the valley called the Hell in translation. All in all, going to the…

  • Weekend breaks ideas

    Sandomierz and the optimist’s stone!

    Sandomierz is a picturesque town located on the seven hills, surrounded by loess gorges. However, not only beautiful landscapes invite to this place. Strolling along the Old Town streets, you can get the impression as if the time here has stopped. Sandomierz charm lies in numerous monuments and townhouses. What’s more, it’s leisure atmosphere, makes it an ideal place for rest. Medieval Gate The entrance to the Old Town is the Opatowska Gate, from top of which you can admire a beautiful view of nearby townhouses and the panorama of the Vistula river. Besides amazing, medieval architecture in Sandomierz you can find a lot of parks. The perfect place for…

  • France

    Metz – the city of mirabelles

    Metz, the capital of Lorraine is located in the northeastern France on the banks of the Moselle and Seille rivers, around 43 kilometers from famous Schengen. We won’t hide the fact that our visit in this “untouristic” city was in a fact connected with its good location, close to Luxembourg and cheap transport by Flibco. However, apart from its perfect localization and bus connections, is it really worth visiting? Well and truly, it’s worth visiting in view of its 3000 years history which is reflected in diverse city’s architecture. Here you can see beautifully decorated cathedrals, ramparts dated as far back as 13th century, numerous boardwalks stretching along Moselle river…

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