• minsk
    Belarus,  Europe

    New Year’s eve in Minsk – unexpected fireworks!

    Originally, New Year’s Eve 2018/2019 was supposed to be nothing special. I’ve never actually put pressure on New Year’s Eve celebration, but this time I decided that I’d look for a nice trip option for a change. Unfortunately, I showed a chess player’s reflex, being under an illusion that at the end of November, I would find some accommodation in Poland at a reasonable price. Looking for possible options, I took a map.  I glanced at the eastern part, I thought that after all, Brest is not that far from Warsaw… I checked the offers of accommodation: a lot of nice apartments at very affordable prices. Waiting time for visa…

  • Tyraspol
    Europe,  Transnistrian Moldovan Republic

    Tiraspol, Transnistria – practical info, Girl off the Trail

    Transport: Tiraspol is located only 70 km from Chişinău and a little more than 100 km from Odessa. The easiest way to get there is from Moldova. Local coaches called marszrutkas shuttle from Central Bus Station, which is located next to the central market in Chişinău, near Stefan Cel mare street. Buses to Tiraspol runs from early morning to late evening, almost every 15-20 minutes. The ticket costs less than 2 €. You’ll find them at the stop no. 13. It takes about 2 hours to get to the capital of Transnistria – Tiraspol. At the border, expect only the Transnistrian control because Moldova does not recognise it. You can…

  • tyraspol
    Europe,  Transnistrian Moldovan Republic

    Tiraspol, Transnistria – alternative reality

    Transnistria, self-appointed country with the capital in Tiraspol was my next direction after a visit to the Nogorno Karabakh. The perspective of seeing another so-called self-appointed country has been fascinating me for a long time. On the Internet you can find a lot of information about this place and, above all, warnings due to the unclear status of this  area and possible threats to the tourist. The reason of my visit there wasn’t the desire to raise the adrenaline, but to see with my own eyes how it’s there. Transnistria, actually, the Transnistrian Moldovan Republic hasn’t been recognised on the international arena, even by Russia, which officially supports it financially…

  • Europe

    Belarusian cuisine – homely food!

    Belarusian cuisine is based mainly on products available in Belarus like: potatoes, cereals, pork, mushrooms and forest fruit. Dishes are prepared with simple ingredients and easy to cook. Due to the long and harsh winters and the nature of the work of the majority of the population, the traditional cuisine in Belarus consists of nutritious meals. However, the most characteristic is the preparation process. Dishes are mainly roasted, cooked and stewed and very rarely fried. Belarusian cuisine uses a small amount of spices while the mandatory element of almost every dish is cream. Restaurants in Belarus have a distinctive, homey look and offer numerous traditional dishes. There is no problem…

  • bialorus
    Belarus,  Europe

    Belarus – 10 reasons why you should visit this country!

    I’d been planning to visit Belarus for a very long time. Even though this country is located very close to Warsaw, it always seemed to me very distant. Before visiting it I heard many warnings about corruption, negative attitude to Poles or problems with crossing the border. How did it really look like? Check out 10 reasons why it’s worth visiting  Belarus! 1. The Stalin Line Just 35 km from Minsk, there’s s a place where time has stopped. Bunkers, underground tunnels, trenches, weapons warehouses, command stations and large exhibition of military equipment, literally takes one back to the WWII times.  This is the largest military museum in Belarus. It’s…

  • Europe,  Ukraine

    Lviv – love not from the first sight

    I’m arriving at the bus station, what’s the time actually, it’s hard to say, because I haven’t woken up yet. I’m getting off the bus, it’s pouring out, I can see only the gray and gloomy, neglected bus station. I look around, and it doesn’t look any better, damaged buildings and bus stops. A quick glance at the tram tracks, crunched on the four sides of the world. Although I’m still unconscious after a night trip, my gut instinct tells me it’s better to get on the bus. While I’m watching the monotonous landscape of the city, I’m asking myself: is this really beautiful, antique Lviv, I’ve heard so much…

  • Lwow - knajpy

    Lviv restaurants

    Restaurants and cafes in Lviv are famous for their unique atmosphere. Some of them are hidden in narrow nooks of the old streets. They surprise by their diverse decorations which  match perfectly with surrounding buildings. There’re also thematic restaurants such as „Gas Lamp”, where its inventor – Ignacy Lukasiewicz sits at the table. A few steps farther, Leopold von Sacher Masoch welcomes and invites to his restaurant where we can  be spanked with a quirt. Restaurants in Lviv are not only creative places there you can also eat delicious food. In order to feel the city’s atmosphere and taste delicious cuisine, you can go to Kumpel restaurant  (address: Vynnychenka 6).…

  • Bulgaria


    When I think about Bulgaria and I see a heavy loaded Fiat 126p with four/five – person family inside and a lot of stuff like camping equipment and goods for sale. It doesn’t matter whether Bulgarians like it or not, even nowadays their country is recognized as the Mecca of the Eastern Block. Places like Varna with nearby Golden Sands or Sunny Beach known also as Las Vegas of the Eastern Europe were the main holiday destination. So how does Bulgaria look like nowadays? Is it worth visiting this country?    Besides the fact that a lot of time has passed, Bulgaria still seems to be torn between the communism…

  • Ukraine

    Sweet Lviv and the best coffee on sand!

    During organizing a trip to Lviv, it didn’t run through my mind that it’s the land of milk and coffee. We used to connect Ukraine mainly with cheap alcohol, cigarettes and halva made of sunflower seeds.  By the way, it wasn’t only our image. We saw it on our way back to Poland. When we heard one big noise of bottles at the bus station, we knew that this journey would be very hard. In a fact, the reality turned out to be worse. During more than 6-hour customs inspection which was ended in pushing the bus (battery had gone flat) I was thinking why in the depths of 54…

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