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Israel, Eilat – escape from winter, a perfect plan for the weekend! Part II

As I wrote in the previous post, tickets to Eilat are currently at very bargain prices. However, Israel is a rather expensive country, the cost of food and accommodation, are much higher than in Poland. So what can you visit here for free? Where to eat and how much does a weekend trip actually cost? The Red Canyon Who said that the most interesting attractions must be expensive? If you want to see something amazing and completely for free, be sure to go to the Red Canyon. It is about a 20-minute drive by

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Israel, Eilat – escape from winter, a perfect plan for the weekend! Part I

It was a cold weekend in November, and I had just come back from sunny Israel. The level of my depression reached its peak. To kill the time, or maybe with a glimmer of hope, I started looking for cheap airline tickets. And then it happened, in front of my eyes appeared return tickets from Warsaw – Modlin to Ejlat in Israel for barely 20€! Less than 2 weeks before I had been in this popular tourist destination, but I had just been passing by and I couldn’t visit some of the attractions at

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Israel – 7 amazing places to visit!

Israel is mostly associated with holy places, leisure sunbathing like Eilat or music scene like Tel Aviv. However, in this small country there’re more than 40 national parks. What’s more interesting, due to the different location, they are very diverse. They include: green oases, the emerald coast, a unique crater, ruins of ancient cities or even the coral reef. Rosh Hanikra Grottoes, Israel or Lebanon? White, limestone cliffs, caves and crystal clear water of the Mediterranean sea this is how Rosh Hanikra Grottoes look like. However, at the top of the white rocks you

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