• Teufelsberg
    Europe,  Germany

    Berlin in ruins part II, Teufelsberg – Devil’s Hill

    In the competition for the weirdest place in Berlin, Teufelsberg, which in translation means – Devil’s Hill is definitely on the podium. The attractiveness of Teufelsberg was initially noticed by the Nazis. Under the direction of Albert Speer – Hitler’s architect, the construction of the military academy began on this site. The investment wasn’t completed due to the war, which took most of the expenses. After the war, the Allies attempts to blow up a solid German construction, ended with covering it with the debris, transported form bombarded Berlin. As a result, a pretty large 80-meters hill – the highest point in Berlin, was  created. Initially, it was considered to…

  • Ballhaus Berlin
    Europe,  Germany

    Berlin in ruins – an invitation to after party

    Finally, it’s time for a post about Berlin, but I won’t focus on charming, elegant places. On the contrary, it’s time to write about Berlin in ruins! Practical to the bone, the Germans have mastered the art of bringing back old buildings to life. A similar direction is currently seen in Warsaw, however, on a smaller scale and in a completely different way. How do Germans do it? Very simple. The resuscitation of these places has nothing to do with the German perfection. They assume, that there’s no point of changing something that is iconic itself, due to its history and unique character. Tempelhof Airport Tempelhof airport, closed since 2008…

  • alfama
    Europe,  Portugal

    Alfama, Lisbon – how to describe something undescribable?

    Alfama has been on my mind for a long time, however it has been very difficult for me to write a post about this Lisbon’s neighbourhood. It would have been easier to say that it was a matter of lack of time, but there was another reason. In fact, you can’t just write about Alfama. I could endlessly use many adjectives to describe my feelings or auditory, taste and visual impressions during visiting this part of the city. But the best description won’t convey my emotions and what’s left in my memories. Skipping Alfama while being in Lisbon is like not visiting this city at all. You can explore every…

  • England,  Europe

    England – Bristol

    It was the beginning of November, I looked out of the window, it was cold, grey and gloomy day, so I decided to go somewhere. I started visualizing palm trees, sun and warm sea. I had to get out of here even, just for the weekend. After desperate search for any escape route, I booked the tickets to… Bristol. I can’t say that it was a question of conscious choice, because who in their normal minds is going to England in the middle of winter?! I can call it a momentary impulse, caused by a  low price of the tickets… a month later, laughing at myself, I went to the…

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