• France

    Metz – the city of mirabelles

    Metz, the capital of Lorraine is located in the northeastern France on the banks of the Moselle and Seille rivers, around 43 kilometers from famous Schengen. We won’t hide the fact that our visit in this “untouristic” city was in a fact connected with its good location, close to Luxembourg and cheap transport by Flibco. However, apart from its perfect localization and bus connections, is it really worth visiting? Well and truly, it’s worth visiting in view of its 3000 years history which is reflected in diverse city’s architecture. Here you can see beautifully decorated cathedrals, ramparts dated as far back as 13th century, numerous boardwalks stretching along Moselle river…

  • Tip for a trip,  Tips

    Belgium, Luxembourg, France – incredible cheap traveling

    Is it possible to organize a cheap city – break to the countries like: Luxembourg, Belgium or France? Certainly! Take a look how to organize it! Low transport cost Western Europe is famous for a very good railway system but on the other hand it can be very expensive. What we should do to minimize this price?   We recommend to use bus transport, more precisely Flibco! Tickets for this bus are sold on the basis: first come, first served. The prices start from 5 euro. Travelling with Flibco can be described as a VIP transport. Usually we had the whole bus only for us! These buses are very comfortable but sometimes…

  • Poland,  Torun

    Torun – fabulous town

    Torun (Toruń) is a mesmerizing city famous of its history, diversity and mysterious gothic buildings. Medieval, old town streets, townhouses built form red bricks, defensive walls and towers, located on Vistula river, create an unique atmosphere. Main part of the Old Town is the Town Hall. There, form the 40 m tower, we can admire beautiful view of surrounding old buildings. Just in front of the Town Hall, there’s a monument of the most famous Polish astronomer – Nicolaus Copernicus. However the most interesting, especially between the youngest tourists, is a little dog called Filutek, which guards his owner’s bowler and umbrella very bravely. Beside it, is a very famous…

  • Tips

    Passenger vs. airlines, part II – overbooking is not so black as it is painted

    With the popularization of air transport and cost – cutting by airlines, more and more passengers encounter overbooking problems. In aviation terminology, overbooking means selling more tickets in relation to available seats. But why air carrier take this risk? The answer is simple, it’s financially beneficial because flight of the empty airplane is more expensive than overbooking costs. Airlines observe trends on particular routes and on this basis they estimate how many passengers will turn up at the check-in desk. If you have time and you can afford a day off from work  or you don’t have any other flights, come forward for the next flight! The amount of the…

  • Meksyk

    Passenger vs. airlines, part I – flight delay

    Flight delays are common. They can be connected with unforeseeable factors such as bad weather conditions, security threat or even volcanic eruption. But there are some situations when delay is results from airline fault.  If you travel: from the airport located in European Union/European Economic Area or Switzerland, between EU/EEA/Switzerland and third country, by plane which is operated by an airline which operates in the area of EU/EEA/Switzerland, your rights are protected by the Regulation (EC) No 261/2004 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 11 February 2004 establishing common rules on compensation and assistance to passengers in the event of denied boarding and of cancellation or long…

  • Slovakia

    Just Bratislava!

    Visit in Bratislava came as a big surprise to us. This city with the population slightly above 400 thousand people, differ much from majestic Prague or nearby Vienna and Budapest. Apart from similar interesting history, Bratislava doesn’t have as many grandiloquent edifices as its neighbors, but this city enthralls with its cozy, homely character. This unrepeatable ambience is created by beautiful, old town lanes with pastel town houses and castle in the background. The most beautiful lanes are Baštová, Panská and Michalská, which is surmounted by 50 m Michalská tower. This is a short section of medieval defensive walls. The Old Town Square has a very unique, intimate atmosphere. In…

  • Polynesia

    Honolulu – Diamond Head

    Diamond Head is something for hiking and picture – perfect views lovers. In Hawaii every terrain unevenness is the result of volcanic processes so that our Diamond sticks to this rule. This dormant volcano deserves attention not only for its majestic look but also in view of its interesting history not only connected with physical geography. Let’s start from its name… Originally it was called „Le’ahi” which in Hawaiian means “brow of the tuna”. Hawaiian imagination deserves credit because in fact it looks like it.This name was really relevant but it was changed later as fishing gave way to precious stones. In 19th century British sailors mistook calcite crystals founded…

  • Sapa

    Hanoi – money talks… socialistic version of money rush

    We were in Vietnam for one month but even so this country has remained one big mystery for us. It’s a very diverse and full of contrasts country, where from the European point of view simple everyday life sometimes goes with an absurd. This was the reason of one of our adventures in this wonderful place. It’s very surprising that this socialistic country is in fact is imbued close to the bone with sanguinary capitalism. In one word maybe money rules the world but Vietnam especially. During preparation for our journey I had studied carefully all possible traps which can occur in this country but as it later turned out…

  • Belgium

    Beautiful Belgian „Venice” in the shade of Bruges

    We visited Ghent on the way from Antwerp to Bruges. Once again, reality proved us that it’s worth relying on gut instinct and going off the beaten track.   Unfortunately Ghent is in the shade of touristic Bruges, but in our humble opinion its architecture and monuments are beautiful as well. What is more, the atmosphere of the typical Belgian city which stuck in a time warp , makes Ghent unique. Everything the best in Europe you can find here! Beautifully cobbled lanes, surrounded by decorated townhouses, picturesque canals or castles which hide interesting history. Picture – perfect canals resemble those from Amsterdam or Venice, on the other hand sacral…

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