• Asia,  Caucasus,  Georgia

    Tbilisi, Georgia – all in one!

    Georgia’s strategic position on the border of two continents: Europe and Asia, between two cultures: Christianity and Islam has long been the cause of numerous wars. The Romans, the Arabs, the Persians, and also in the modern history Russians, all they tried to occupy Georgia permanently, but no one actually has managed to do so. The incredible determination of the Georgian nation, cultivating tradition, including the ancient Kartuli ena language, allowed the country to preserve national identity. The history of this country is shown in many aspects, starting with the stubborn character of the Georgians and ending with the various architecture. How is the capital of this country? It’s as…

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    Asia,  Russia

    Moscow – seven sisters

    Reportedly, after the war, Stalin was going to say the following words: ” we won the war… foreigners will come to Moscow, go for a walk, and there’re no skyscrapers.” I don’t know if this quote is true, but the fact is that just after WWII, USSR  set the wheels of great rebuilding machine in the motion, including the realisation of the great Stalin’s vision –  project called Seven Sisters. Seven Sisters are in fact seven skyscrapers which were designed to be higher, prettier and more modern than these in the United States during that time. However, the name of seven sisters is not popular in Moscow, Muscovites have their…

  • Europe,  Greece

    Athens – weekend break in Greece

    It was a long weekend, and I had no plans. I started browsing the web  in the hope that I could find a cheap flight, which would be as near as miracle during the “high season”. To my surprise, the cheapest flight was to Athens. As it turned out, my journey didn’t end in the capital of Greece. The airport in Athens  is connected convinently with many Greek Islands. My choice was Corfu, find out more about this green island here. Even though the trip to Athens wasn’t planned, I’d been thinking about it for a long time before. I wanted to confront the negative views of the Acropolis with…

  • gruzja

    Georgia – Kutaisi

    Kutaisi is getting more and more popular destinantion among travelers and backpackers, due to cheap flight connections and relatively low prices. Kutaisi is the second largest city in Georgia and in my opinion, like whole this country is full of contradictions. Special attention deserves Gerogian architecture. I won’t hide that I’m as green as grass in this topic, but I have to admit that Georgian fantasy in this subject was a great surprise to me. In 2012 President Saakashvili decided to transferred here the Georgian Parliament, which previously had been located in Tbilisi. It wouldn’t be surprising but for the fact that Parliament’s building is located on the outskirts of…

  • Wieden

    Vienna – the architectural city of dreams

    Vienna is called „the city of dreams” in view of the Sigmund Freud who created here the essentials of the psychoanalysis. But in a fact, Vienna is the city of dreams for the architecture lovers. Palaces, beautiful gardens, cathedrals or theaters, which can be seen everywhere, resemble the times of the former empire. Tourists are mesmerized by amazing Viennese palaces. One of the most popular is the Schönbrunn Palace, which surprises by its intensive yellow color. It’s surrounded by an enormous French garden with colorful flowers and beautifully decorated fountain. From the hill, which is located above the palace, you can admire a beautiful Vienna panorama. What’s more interesting, six-year…

  • Holland

    Rotterdam – the unreal city

    Rotterdam, called also the „Gateway to Europe/World” is mainly associated with the biggest port in Europe and the third – biggest in the world (just after the Singapore and Shanghai). Another famous symbol of this city is Erasmus of Rotterdam. This famous philosopher matches perfectly to the multicultural character of this cosmopolitan city. During our visit there, we had an impression that in this second – largest city in the Netherlands, the Dutch are in the minority. It is said that there’re at least 160 nationalities in Rotterdam. But not only the biggest port and cultural diversity make this city an unique place. Nowhere in the Netherlands you will find such interesting…

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