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    Lviv – love not from the first sight

    I’m arriving at the bus station, what’s the time actually, it’s hard to say, because I haven’t woken up yet. I’m getting off the bus, it’s pouring out, I can see only the gray and gloomy, neglected bus station. I look around, and it doesn’t look any better, damaged buildings and bus stops. A quick glance at the tram tracks, crunched on the four sides of the world. Although I’m still unconscious after a night trip, my gut instinct tells me it’s better to get on the bus. While I’m watching the monotonous landscape of the city, I’m asking myself: is this really beautiful, antique Lviv, I’ve heard so much…

  • Lwow - knajpy

    Lviv restaurants

    Restaurants and cafes in Lviv are famous for their unique atmosphere. Some of them are hidden in narrow nooks of the old streets. They surprise by their diverse decorations which  match perfectly with surrounding buildings. There’re also thematic restaurants such as „Gas Lamp”, where its inventor – Ignacy Lukasiewicz sits at the table. A few steps farther, Leopold von Sacher Masoch welcomes and invites to his restaurant where we can  be spanked with a quirt. Restaurants in Lviv are not only creative places there you can also eat delicious food. In order to feel the city’s atmosphere and taste delicious cuisine, you can go to Kumpel restaurant  (address: Vynnychenka 6).…

  • Ukraine

    Sweet Lviv and the best coffee on sand!

    During organizing a trip to Lviv, it didn’t run through my mind that it’s the land of milk and coffee. We used to connect Ukraine mainly with cheap alcohol, cigarettes and halva made of sunflower seeds.  By the way, it wasn’t only our image. We saw it on our way back to Poland. When we heard one big noise of bottles at the bus station, we knew that this journey would be very hard. In a fact, the reality turned out to be worse. During more than 6-hour customs inspection which was ended in pushing the bus (battery had gone flat) I was thinking why in the depths of 54…

  • Lwów - Cmentarz

    Lychakiv and Cemetery of Eaglets – difficult History lesson

    On the Lviv hills is a place which is the best History and Art lesson. It’s Lychakiv Cemetery. It was built at the end  of 18th century and it’s one of the oldest burial grounds in Europe. The whole necropolis is somewhat a metaphor of the death embodied in sculptures which look like real figures which present grieved angels and sounded in eternal asleep or fossilized in mourning people. Beautifully decorated gravestones, tombs and shrines seem to struggle not only with passing time but also they fight a losing battle with overgrowing vegetation. But not only artistic aspect makes this cemetery exceptional. It’s an expression of multicultural character of Lviv…

  • Ukraine

    Only in Lviv!

    We’ve been waiting for a trip to L’viv for a long time. This city is a part of long Polish – Ukrainian history.  We hadn’t known what to expect there but our visit turned out to be a journey to the past. Having got off at local bus station at 8 o’clock, we saw another reality. This city brought us back to the old, pre-war Warsaw times and resembled Polish conditions around 30 years ago. It was a very important cultural center. Many famous Polish writers, scholars or artists lived here. A lot of Polish prominent figures were buried in the old Lychahiv Cemetery and in the city many monuments…

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