• santander
    Europe,  Spain

    Spain – fall in love with Santander!

    Spain is a popular holidays direction. Sunny weather, monuments and wonderful beaches attract a lot of tourist every year. But why wait for a vacation when you can go there in winter break? It was December, when I received flight tickets confirmation to Santader.  Then I realized what actually I had done.In fact, return ticket cost less than 20 €, but the idea of a trip in mid-February was completely devoid of common sense. Beautifully located Santander – the capital of Cantabria is characterised by a mild and humid climate and there’re more rainy days compared to the south of Spain. For this reason, it is not a popular tourist…

  • wenecja

    Italy – Venice

    Venice arises contradictory emotions. Some love it for beautiful architecture and romantic channels while others hate it. It was created about 1500 years ago and has remained unchanged up to this days. The phenomenon of the Venice is that it was built on the marshland. The location of the city on the unstable ground was possible thanks to special wooden stakes that guarantee the stability of the construction of the buildings. Mainly alder stakes were used to build Venice. Wood of this kind is characterised by high resistance, and in addition, it doesn’t rot when immersed in water, without oxygen supplies. Drowning City Venice is constantly threaten by flood. A…

  • ochryda

    Ohrid Lake – weekend break in Macedonia!

    Macedonia isn’t a popular holiday destination. It’s located much farther than for example Croatia and in addition, furthermore it has no access to the sea. However, this small country has a lot to offer and prices here are really low in comparison to other holiday directions. In Macedonia there are over 50 lakes surrounded by high mountain peaks, which can reach even 2000 meters. Macedonia is recognised as one of the highest countries in Europe, right after Switzerland and Austria. What’s more, this country has a huge number of monuments, temples and old monastries. All of this in the area less than 26 000 square kilometeres. In a word, the perfect…

  • kosowo

    Girl on a Trail – Kosovo

    In the very centre of Kosovo, there’s a huge statue – inscription NEWBORN. Born in February 2008 the Republic of Kosovo has not yet been officially recognised by many countries. The recognition of the Republic, was refused mainy by the countries which have internal problems with separatist regions like: Russia, Spain or Georgia. It has been almost 20 years since the end of the war with Serbia. Kosovo is still under international control and it’s the territory shared between Serbian and Kosovan Albanians. At Present, 90% of the population is of Albanian nationality, while Serbs represent only less than 10 % of the whole population. However, for centuries, the proportions…

  • mostar
    Bosnia and Herzegovina

    Bosnia and Herzegovina – Mostar, the city of hatred?

    It’s 11.00 am, delighted with views on the way from Sarajevo, I look forward to getting out of the bus and seeing marvelous Mostar. The door of the bus opens and I feel like I’m going straight to hell. The temperature is 35 Celsius degrees, and it’s not a noon yet. I take my backpack and I move towards the hostel, expecting to see this picturesque city with a famous bridge. But what I see along the way in no way doesn’t look like images from a catalogue which I’d seen before. In addition to the beautiful panorama of the city from the Musal bridge, you can see the ruins…

  • werona
    Europe,  Italy,  Tip for a trip,  Tips

    Girl on a Trail – one-day trip to Verona

    I guess everyone knows that feeling when you want to go somewhere for a while, but you don’t want to spend a lot of money and take day off from work. In such a situation, you can go somewhere in your beautiful country or just take a plane and within 4 hours’ time you can sit in a cafe sipping aromatic Italian cappuccino in Piazza Bra in Verona 😉 A little organisation… How to go to Verona for just one day, saving on accommodation? On the way from Warsaw to Bergamo I used Wizzair which flies very early in the morning (plane lands in Bergamo at 8.30 am). On the…

  • lizbona
    Europe,  Portugal

    Girl on a Trail – meet Lisboners!

    After returning from Portugal, without hesitation I knew what would be the subject of the first post about this place. This time I won’t  focus on the wonderful Lisbon’s architecture, beautiful viewpoints, yellow trams or sentimental rhythms of the Fado heared during the walk in Alfama. Of course, all these elements form the unique climate of the capital of Portugal, but mainly the people of this city will remain in my memory. In fact, they create this city and its specific atmosphere, without them Lisbon certainly wouldn’t be such a cheerful place. What are the people of Portugal like? It might seem that Portuguese, like Italians or the Spanish, have…

  • Spain

    Spain – the Basque Country

    The Basque Country connotes with the separatist aspirations and ETA activity. As a matter of fact, ETA announced a definite ceasefire in 2011 but only recently, because in 2017, they surrendered an armed arsenal which was in their possession. In the memory of many people, there are still “spectacular” ETA actions, like the bombing of a car with Spanish Prime Minister Luis Carrero Blanco inside. The power of the explosion was so strong that the Prime Minister’s car flew over the roof of the nearby building and landed on the other side of it.  Another terrorist attacks were in 2002 in Seville during the EU summit and in 2006 on…

  • bosnia kuchnia
    Bosnia and Herzegovina,  Europe

    Bosnia and Herzegovina cuisine – what to eat and where?

    Each country’s cuisine is characterised by specific local products, ingredients and methods of cooking. Then how could I describe in a few words the cuisine of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH)? Meat, meat and meat again! Certainly, BiH is not a country for vegetarians. Vegetables in Bosnian cusine are rather a decoration for dishes. Even a typical Shopska  salad, known to me earlier from Bulgaria, in Bosnia looks much more modestly than its Bulgarian counterpart. It is known that tradition is inextricably linked to history, and it is worth adding that BiH has been under the rule of Ottoman for over 400 years. Turkish influence is visible at every step in…

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